A New Year….A New Blog!


“Beware of crossing standing stones in 2007”

Hi Folks,

A happy and rocking new year to you all. We hope this new blog will meet up to our expectations. Take your time and puzzle it all out but above all… post your rock art news here!


Gus & Jan

(PS: There still a link from here to the “old” blog)


7 Responses to A New Year….A New Blog!

  1. This new blog is great! Wishing you all a 2007 ful of insights and discovery.

    Imade a trip to Old Bewick towards the end of my year in Northumberland. you can find out what the experience was like for me on my website, under “Highgreen Diary part 3”.

  2. hobsonish says:

    Hallo folks,

    Hope you’re all hale and hearty 🙂

  3. rockartuk says:

    Hi Rich,
    Thanks and I’m glad you found your way to the new blog.
    We hope for a lot of new finds in 2007.

  4. rockrich says:

    Happy new year all

  5. rockartuk says:

    Thanks Suz & George! Clever nick-name, mate; sounds like joker! Have you experienced that the invitation for this blog went straight into your ‘deleted’ items box? Brian told me his went that way. Don’t know why……. We’ll see!

  6. geocur says:

    Happy new year /Blog folks .

  7. Hi folks and a hello and happy new year from me too!! xx

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