Lagganmullan 7

Hi Folks,

Last friday i decided to take a walk into the Galloway hills, the weather was bad,but i still decided to try and find Lagganmullan 6 & 7. I knew before i went there was a problem with the grid refs for panel 7, the map location i hoped was correct, but the grid refs was not the same as the location on the map, indeed 1/2 mile away. The fields above Lagganmullan house are full of carved rocks, more than i was expecting, and indeed more than most people have actually seen. Maarten van Hoek and Kaledon Naddair being the ones with the recorded panels to their names. I do find it strange that for the same panels, Naddair states he found alot more carvings, infact i would say he was extemely keen with his numbers..

Both panels were recorded as in the same field, so i started off looking for panel 6, i am certain i found the correct panel, but with the fog and bad light i could not make any carvings out. I then started looking for panel 7, after searching all possible grass covered outcrops i was becoming a little frustrated. I decided to head home and try another day when the weather was better…heading down the hill towards the car, i noticed a grass covered outcrop, stopping to take a wee look….there it was, lovely fresh carvings, panel 7a… I worked as fast as i could taking care to remove the turf safely. I then moved onto panel 7b, 7c…and something i wasn’t expecting, west of panel 7b, another carved panel. There are no records of this panel, and i am surprised that Maarten did not locate this panel.

I do feel that this area will reveal more carvings, hopefully when the weather is a bit better i will take a look to see what i can find.

The pictures from my day out can be seen here Lagganmullan 7

lagganmullan 7-overview Lagganmullan 7a Lagganmullan 7 overview


2 Responses to Lagganmullan 7

  1. Pwax says:

    I get the same thrill from finding a new rock pile.

  2. rockartuk says:

    Thanks for posting this new find again, Brian. Its a great start of the year!
    I have to be more careful in clicking unknown buttons.

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