Prieston Hill, Angus, Scotland

Prieston-4, January 2006, Tiompan

Received some splendid photos from Tiompan of a new find on Prieston Hill:

He explored the hill already in 2004 and 2005 resulting in the find of three decorated stones. Now there is this amazing fourth one, hidden under the gorse bush. It could well be that this area holds more secrets. Time (and Tiompan!) will learn.


2 Responses to Prieston Hill, Angus, Scotland

  1. geocur says:

    Hello Hob , There are three marked rocks in an area 300m x 30 m .They are close to the early Dundee – Glamis road , now hardly visible . There are a couple of possible hut circles /round houses nearby and also some war-time buildings and and attendent spoil heaps . There is also planning permission being sought for a couple of new houses nearby too . At the 260 contour and quite exposed whoever lives there won’t be gardeners . I doubt tha i the site would get a watching brief but it may be interesting if more of the gorse gets removed . There is a possiblity that the stone has been moved .

  2. Hobson says:

    That one scores fairly high on the intrepid stakes George, tangling with the gorse an’ all.

    It’s got character has that stone. Was there anything to idicate if it was once part of anything else, i.e. were there any clues as to whether it’s in situ, or could it have been moved?

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