Fylingdale Moors 2007

………..Got here at last!
As I am having my winter time mull over the carved rocks on the Fylingdale moors i thought i would post this pic of a carving found by Alan Walker after the 2005 EH survey.

Brow Moor

Its located alongside a choked up streamlet running from a boggy area on Brow moor.
The whole area is more like a prairie grassland since it was reseeded after the fire, but it still allows a unique oppourtunity to study a large number of carved rocks in a landscape free of blanket heather and it looks as if there might be some interesting relationships between individual rocks and between clusters.
I know Alan is working on some ideas in this area so i will keep the forum informed when he gets his article published.


4 Responses to Fylingdale Moors 2007

  1. rockartuk says:

    Hi Stoneman,
    Thanks for contributing to this blog. We don’t know eachother; so please send me an e-mail (rockartuk@planet.nl) and I’ll send you an invitation to become a contributor to the blog.

  2. Stoneman says:

    Hi Greame

    An interesting spot !Alan found three in a cluster one has two cups and is a broken fragment from a larger slab, there is a groove round the outer edge and half cups to be seen! the slab may be from the small cairn to the south sorry No idea how to post the pic?
    I have seen seven marked rocks in this area


  3. GraemeC says:

    The carving does look quite fresh and its not deeply marked, so the stone must have been covered over for much of its life!.
    Most of the carved rocks on the moor were hidden by a blanket of heather with many of them totally over grown by a mat of roots. The intense fire burnt this layer off revealing a lot of ‘new’ carved rocks and For quite a while after the fire, the wind and
    rain revealed more buried stones so they were still being found after the EH survey.

    I would think only the upper edge of the ring mark was visible on this stone, but Alan Walker spotted it and it led to the recording of this fine carved stone. He found quite a few more in this way.
    It looks as if the indentation in the lower right corner is a natural feature and the carver has taken the cup and ring groove to it and put a little cup in there, interesting?

  4. rockartuk says:

    Hi Greame!
    Good you made it to the new blog; welcome!
    The motif looks remarkably fresh. Do you think it was hiddden before the fire?

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