Materialitas, Dublin, 10 March 2007


Hi Folks,

I received the following from Fitzcoraldo by mail:

“I was going to post this on the blog but can’t seem to find a way in despite setting up a new e-mail account. Is anyone heading to Dublin for the Materialitas Conference in March? It looks like it could be a crackin’ couple of days.”

Thanks Fitz!

(Note that a photo of the Cairnbaan-2 panel in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, was used for the poster; click to enlarge!)


One Response to Materialitas, Dublin, 10 March 2007

  1. rockartuk says:

    Hi Fitz,
    Thanks for the tip about the Materialitas Conference. I thought to post it for you but I do really hope that you’re able to make your own contributions to the blog. I’ll send you another invitation soon but that could end up in your “Deleted Items” e-mail box for unknown but spooky reasons. So watch that box too.
    Thanks again and we hope to hear/see soon.

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