Galtway 5

Hi Folks,

Yesterday, Suzanne and myself took a walk over the Galtway hills, looking for some of the lost carvings. The area of carvings known as Galtway, has 18 recorded panels, though a few of them contain single cup-marks only, which in these types of conditions, of weathered and covered outcrops are hard to find. We did manage to find Galtway 5, a simple panel with mainly cup and single rings.

We did cover the main fields, but were hampered a little by thick fog, which did clear now and then to allow the blue skies and warm sun to shine through.

Although only one panel found, still an amazing place with spectacular views. Another return visit is definately needed, soon.

Take a look at the pics below.

galtway5-10.jpg galtway5-11.jpg galtway5-12.jpg

More pics from the day can be seen here Galtway 5


9 Responses to Galtway 5

  1. Pwax says:

    I wonder how do you know to look under the turf for petroglyphs in one place rather than another?

  2. hobsonish says:

    Ritually deposited Mesolithic flints eh?

    Now that I find very interesting. It could imply all sorts of interesting things about the significance of the outcrops chosen for carving.

    Nice one Mr C. Another bit of the jigsaw that is.

  3. Cupstones says:

    Hi George
    Quartz hammered into fissures sounds very intriguing, will have to look that site up.
    It would be interesting to know the thinking behind that. Another glimpse of thier ritual practices?
    At the scandanavian sites the cracks were packed with small stones to “seal” the flints and bits of pottery etc inside. Apparently they also brought ‘ancestral flints’ to one outcrop, ie mesolithic flints that were already ancient when carvings were in use.

    GC (snap) πŸ™‚

  4. geocur says:

    Hello GC , the excavation at the Torbhlaran whale backs also found quartz hmmered into the fissures .


  5. Cupstones says:

    Anothor interesting looking site
    Can’t help but notice that once again the carvings are located near significant cracks and crevices? Or is it just me πŸ™‚
    Some Scandanavian sites had flints and charcoal in the crevices of carved outcrops, so keep your eyes open.
    Or maybe your’e just teasing me with these pics πŸ™‚

  6. hobsonish says:

    Looking at those Coles drawings on BRAC, I don’t think there’s much chance Brian is going to leave those lovely multiple concentrics un-located πŸ˜‰

    Stroll on Brian and Suz,

    Happy hunting.

  7. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Folks,

    As Jan says there are a number of panels left to find, alot of them are single cups, which in his type of landscape may be hard to find.

    There is one i tried to find, Panel 7, with a rosette of cups…i knew the location, but the outcrops are one of those places where it seems almost as if the turf is welded to the rock..
    Still such a special place..i did find some single cups but i shall keep those for another time, did anyone see the photo of the tree i posted?…on a panel next to the tree i found a cup…not recorded, YET!!


  8. rockartuk says:

    Thanks for posting, Brian.
    Autch…… Hob’s last question might hit an open nerve in your just recovered system, eh?
    But once you reccon that area your battlefield the remaining 15 panels will pop-up automatically (I hope!).
    There are drawings by Coles and Van Hoek on the Galtway collection at BRAC:

  9. hobsonish says:

    They do look pretty faint, not easy to see in poor light. Worth the effort though, it’s nice to find ‘lost’ carvings, even more so if they’re faint.
    Did you get the gps to pin them down?
    How many others are still lost?

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