Lagganmullan once more……

Hi  Folks,

Yesterday we were back at Lagganmullan looking for the recorded panels numbered 8,9 & 10.  We were able to find those panels in a grouping as recorded by K Naddair in 1995.  The interesting fact is that both panels 8 & 9 actually have the field wall sitting on top of them, indeed you can see the carvings going under the wall.

Panel 8 – below

5.jpg 4.jpg 3.jpg

 Panel 9 – below

1.jpg lagganmullan-9-2-medium.jpg lagganmullan-9-14-medium.jpg

I am sure these images will inspire some replies from some members of the blog…….

Also up on the hills of Lagganmullan we came upon a interesting use of field clearance by the farmer who in some of the fields around has erected standing stones, one actually having cup and ring marks. This time the farmer made a stone circle on the highest point of the fields over looking the area with stunning views.

Take a look and let me know what you think of his work.

Lagganmullan Stone Circle – below

lagganmullan-8-9-10-10-2-07-009-medium.jpg lagganmullan-8-9-10-10-2-07-006_edited-1-medium-2.jpg lagganmullan-8-9-10-10-2-07-003-medium.jpg

I hope you find some of these pictures interesting, i still have some work to do to complete the photographic record for Lagganmullan, and hopefully increase that record with more new finds.




8 Responses to Lagganmullan once more……

  1. miceforlent says:

    It seems to have taken me a long time to find this website – not sure why but since I arrive looking for information on Lagganmullan, I’ll leave a comment here.

    I was certainly much confused by the farmers enthusiasn to make a stone circle – not sure how long ago but many of the “standing stones” in these fields look pretty weathered in. Could some of them be old and the farmer added to them? Don’t think you can trust much about this site. Quite sure about the cup and ring markings though – there’s a limit to how old you can make something look.

  2. rockartuk says:

    Thanks alot Richard!
    I made a collection of walls on decorated panels in BRAC:
    Barningham Moor and Loups are not yet added because I don’t hold good photos of it.
    It would be nice if you could send me one or two per site.
    Thanks again and good hunting!

  3. rockrich says:


    The be-walled ones from memory are:
    N Yorks:

    Guisecliff Woods
    Heyshaw (x4or5)
    Fertility Stone
    West Agra (x3)


    Barningham Moor x5ish (ancient enclosure walling, all carvings face out rather than in)

    I’m sure theres more, just can’t think of ‘em. If you need reference numbers from PRAoWR or PRAoCDS&W let me know.

  4. rockartuk says:

    Maybe George might have an opinion on the scratches. They don’t look like the “linear incissions” he discovered up north.
    I was surprised with yet another field wall build on top of a rock art panel. That could be coincidental or:
    1. rock art was always seen as an boundery marker;
    2. not the best of grass on an outcrop rock;
    3. a splendid foundation for a wall.
    I’m thinking of making a collection on BRAC with walls on carvings.
    Fitz & Rich, can you give me the names of the sites again? Thanks!

  5. rockrich says:

    Ok cheers Brian, I did consider the plough, but was put off by the proximity of the wall. Depends how long a walls been up in that position I suppose.

  6. rockartwolf says:



    Naddair in his report calls them runnels, but i am saying more like plough marks or farm machinery of some type.

    The circle is something the landowner has chosen to do, along with the other standing stones, not sure why, but he must have some knowledge of the area around, Cairnholy and the rest…the carvings etc..
    I have not had a chance to ask the person who yet, but some day..

  7. rockrich says:

    By eck, I’ve managed to find my way ere again 🙂

    Brian, Just to follow on from our illustrious authors point above, on the 1st pic for panel 9, there appears to be some thick diagonal grooving in between the 2 areas of CnRs. In your opinion is this man made? If so, interesting because they follow finer striations running in the same direction (glacial or planar?)

  8. Cupstones says:

    I’m not saying anything -(grin)
    …………oh go on then!
    another cracking good example to go on the C&C list (crevices & carvings).
    did you say this site is near HighBanks?
    Sounds like the farmers are a bit more insired up that way
    Any idea for the reason behind the ‘new’ circle?

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