Street House Cups?

street_house07fitz55637.jpg street_house07fitz55638.jpg

Howdo folks,

I took a walk along the cliffs from Saltburn to Staithes yesterday. I came across this stone on the top of one of the walls. I’m kind of in two minds about whether the cups are genuine or solution cups.

One thing that does sway me towards them being carved is that the wall in question is the boundary of the field that contained the Street House Neolithic Cairn. The excavation of the cairn and overlaying Bronze Age mound yeilded a number of cup marked stones. I had had a look at the drawings of the cups in the excavation report and they seem to display the same coarse/irregular nature as these cups.

Any thoughts?

cheers fitz


7 Responses to Street House Cups?

  1. fitzcoraldo99 says:

    Are you sure they were only wee drams Jan?

  2. rockartuk says:

    Hi Gavin! No need for sending the photo. I used the one which you posted to TMA. Thanks!

  3. rockartuk says:

    Hi Fitz.
    Congrats with your nice avitar. We hope to get rid of those ugly question marks, don’t we?
    With regard to your post; I saw the pics after a couple of wee drams and thought it was the face of an alien uploaded by Frits von Däniken. But after a good night sleep, I’m sure the motifs are genuine be it that they are completely out of context.
    I’ve tried to edit the attached photos and ……arghhh..sorry….lost one.
    Could you send me the photo as seen in the thumbnail on the right?
    I will zipp it in immediately.
    Keep the right course and take care!

  4. rockrich says:

    Fitz, very similar to a couple of rough carvings found in How Tallon:

  5. fitzcoraldo99 says:

    Cheers fellas,
    I must admit, I do feel that these cups are genuine but then that niggling little voice in the back of my mind says that this area has been the subject of some quite intense archaeological investigation, this stone should have been spotted before.
    I’ve sent an e-mail to Mr Vyner along with a couple of photos.

  6. Cupstones says:

    Nice find Mr F
    Looks convincing to me especially given the location.
    must be worth contacting blaise Vyner to see what he thinks.
    I seem to remember reading the Street house site had suffered a lot of plough damage but the north side was the best preserved and this was the area that still had the cup marked stones insitu in the kerb. The southern edge was more ploughed away so maybe this stone came from that part of the cairn/mound?
    I think the street house cupstones are now with Tees Archaeology in Hartlepool.

  7. hobsonish says:

    I’ve not seen them, but from whatI’ve neard, and from drawings/photos, the cups near Bellshiel Long cairn are of a similarly irregular nature.

    I dunno if that’s ‘cos they’re older, and hence more weathered, or if it’s just that was the way you do them for a long cairn. Of course there’s always the chance that they are even older than the cairn(s) and may even have been natural features thatinspired the siting of the cairn(s). Or just reeeeally old cups from the latemeolithic/early neolithic.

    Large solution holey things in sandstone are a pain aren’t they? I was looking at some up by Alnwick that could conceiveably be very eroded cup marks next to one of the most menatl natural features I’ve seen outside of Utah. Guess these mebbe-cups have to go into the ‘We’ll never know’ box.

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