Temple Wood


The Temple Wood motif with its concentric circles have been one of the most difficult motifs to see and a quick scan through the Web photo archives can’t seem to find any current images of this motif! However after many years I managed to capture this image in the spring of 2005!



10 Responses to Temple Wood

  1. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Jan,
    I’ll get to work on that..


  2. rockartuk says:

    Hi Brian,
    Love to see that in the flesh! Could you (e-?) mail it to me? You know I’m a Morris fan.

  3. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Jan,
    Well that is the annoying thing, i copied the article that i found in the Dumfries library, but part of the article is missing, it does not state which magazine it was in, but i have a feeling it was some type of sunday newspaper supplement back in 1975, its an interesting read if incomplete, other photos in the article are from Big Balcraig, Cairnholy, Achnabreck and Templewood of course. The artice was called, The Mystery of Scotland Earliest Sculptures… I have a copy here, i can work it out for you.


  4. rockartuk says:

    Hi Hob!
    Thanks for the link anyway! If you ever need to tidy up ugly urls, you might try:

    Hi Brian!
    Now that’s an interesting early publication by Morris. I didn’t know it. In which Journal/Proceeding did he publish his article?

  5. Stoneman says:

    Nice one on the Corryvrecken Hobsonish good suggestion?

    How about this one!
    the double ringed motif could represent the Temple Wood stone circle in its finished form representing the outer and inner rings?


  6. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Folks,

    Thought i would let you folks see the photo taken by Morris in the 70’s,for an article he did in 1975, ‘The Mystery of Scotland’s Earliest Sculptures’.

    ps…hope this linking works in comments still..


  7. geocur says:

    Not quite rock art news but with the talk of Temple Wood I thought I ‘d mention something I noticed recently about the area , it involves numbers so I’ll get my apology in first and allow the squeamish to delete /ignore . The centre of Temple Wood stone circle the centre of the Nether Largie south chambered cairn and the second most northerly stone of the stones create a a 5:5:4; isoscelese triangele with the stone to chambered cairn centre alignment being due N . Probably totally meaningless and fortuitous but worth mentioning
    , I think .

  8. hobsonish says:

    Erratum: Some of the panels in that link are not proper type 6. Sorry Jan!

  9. hobsonish says:

    That’s one of the clearest, if not the clearest photo of that spiral I’ve ever seen. Excellent. Both spirals and the hole they disappear into occupied quite a bit of my mind for the week I was in Kilmartin, mainly due to the tantalising idea that they may be somehow related to the whirlpool at the Gulf of Corryvreckan.

    As Jan says, I played about last summer at night, waving a flash unit to try and get the thig to stand out, but it’s a tricky one. It did make it possible to show the way the two wrap around the edge of the stone, but I’d not advise stumbling about on wet cobbles in the dark. One of them got me right in the small of the back!

    Both the spirals and the double ring really highlight (npi) the fact that these things can present theselves very differently depending on lighting conditions. I’d be interested to know if anyone (Archaeoptics probably…) has ever done a laser scan at Templewood.

    PS, Jan regarding Type 6 in Nbland, here’s a few: http://tinyurl.com/27g5xa

  10. rockartuk says:

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for posting these wonderful images of Temple Wood.
    We have been there several times but failed to photograph the “Type-6”
    (see: http://rockartuk.fotopic.net/c1062073.html) double ring.
    The last photo b-w photo in our collection was made by Martin Powell and dates back to 1990.
    Ian Hobson photographed the carving in artificial light in 2006 (pic on TMA!) but had his doubts about the artificial character of the carving.
    You must have catched the carvings in the (early) morning sunlight. Great!
    Your photos would make a nice addition to our Temple Wood collection:
    ( http://rockartuk.fotopic.net/c283916.html ) if that is OK with you.

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