Burial Chamber Cup-Marks…

Hi Folks,

On sunday we decided to take in the scenery of the Galloway hills,  near Newton Stewart up on Drannandow moor. Up on the moor you will find a stone circle, standing stones and numerous burial cairns, including the 5 chamber one named after the moor, Drannandow. The cairn itself is found next to an old ruined cottage, which has a very interesting name, called Napper’s Cottage. Having a good look around the main cist, i instantly noticed two marks on one of the side slabs.  On closer examination , you could clearly see two well defined cup marks, that have not been previously recorded. It is such a remote site, but as you walk around the moor, you are acutally walking past numerous cairns, most still untouched, still complete. This is a special place, almost a place of the dead, a place of burial. This area does need a further examination, who knows there could be more carvings to find…

31.jpg 51.jpg 41.jpg

More pics from the day can be seen here Drannandow on BRAC or TMA


One Response to Burial Chamber Cup-Marks…

  1. Daniel Hunt says:


    Are you sure these are cupmarks at the Drannandow chambered cairn and not naturally occuring ‘pitted’ depressions? I only ask because I had enquired earlier of the RCAHMS and their records show no carvings. It would be quite an amazing discovery!

    Thank you and best wishes,


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