Photo uploads to BRAB


Hi Folks,
We gradually get used to how this blog works. In most cases it is clear what to do and the way of working doesn’t differ much from the ‘old’ blog or contributing to TMA or TMP. I would, however, ask your attention for uploading photos to the blog.
Before you do so be sure that you’ve re-sized your photo to, let say, 800pix width. This is a nice size in kb’s and the photo is in fact ready for BRAC (ha!).
Make sure that you select ‘Show: . Thumbnail’ and ‘Link to: . File’ and click the button ‘Send to editor’. The Thumbnail shows up in the editor were your cursor stands. For new posts this is normally at the beginning of your story. It is nice to ‘center’ your thumbnail(s).
Don’t forget to check one of the ‘Categories’ e.g. Northumberland and/or New Find.
Think of a appropriate but short title for your post.
As originator of the post, you are always able to edit your post later, even after it is published. Go to ‘Permalink’ at the bottom of your post and click ‘Edit this Entry’. This will bring you back in the editor. Edit your post, click ‘Save’ and you’re done!
From today, Brian Kerr and I have the ‘Administrator’ status which enable us to edit posts in case things go seriously wrong.
I’m sure we will enjoy this blog for now and later!
Keep on blogging!


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