A Golden Oldie found once more……

Hi Folks,

Just to let you know that a long lost carving in Dumfries & Galloway has shown itself again, i will need to wait for permission to show the photographs i took today, hopefully in the next day or so i shall have that permission. The carvings have not been seen for a good few years, and were thought to have been destroyed. As a bonus i was able to locate in the same area another carving which had not been previously recorded.

I hope you can wait for the pictures as they are worth it, believe me..



I will publish for the time being, or until i get told i can’t…

The site is KIRKCLAUGH, carvings built into a stable wall, which was rebuilt before 1965 and it was thought the carvings had been lost or destroyed. Canmore had been to check the site twice and could not find the carvings, so they were de-listed.

I was able to locate the carvings on the outside wall of the main building at the riding school,not only that but another smaller carving which i believe has not been recorded.

11.jpg  42.jpg   52.jpg

Coles was the last person to see the carvings, Morris could not locate it in 1967,  Canmore could not locate it on 2 visits and it was de-listed in 1999. Well it is still there, along with its little brother. The main carving is around 15ft above ground level, the smaller carving 2ft above ground level.

 Hope you all enjoy the pictures which will be on BRAC very soon.




5 Responses to A Golden Oldie found once more……

  1. rockartuk says:

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for bringing this lost son back home!
    Your pics together with the old rubbings make up a nice collection on BRAC now:
    Step by step the old Kingdom of Anwoth gives away her secrets.
    Well done, mate!

  2. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Hob,

    yeah i do hope the owner does not throw a wobbly, but he was clear about the ‘non profit’ thingy..

    i did my best to say we are only a form recording.


  3. hobsonish says:

    Sorry Brian, but I think they are obviously natural weathering patterns 😉

    (Runs like the clappers to avoid the large rock being hurled from Dumfreishire…)

    Seriously though, congrats. Hopefully the owner will be OK about the publicity.

  4. Cupstones says:

    Now you really are teasing us 🙂
    Any clues ?
    what letter does the site name begin with?
    (….Only kidding), it will be interesting to see what you have tracked down

  5. rockartuk says:

    Sorry Brian, but I rally can’t wait!

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