Cave Art on the Isle of Mull

scoor-cave-iomull.JPGscoor-cave-iomull-cups-and-early-christian-crosses.jpgscoor-cave-iomull-rock-art.jpg scoor-cave-iomull-carving-jpg.jpg

Cave Art on the Isle of Mull

Visited this site with the good lady some years back I thought you would like to share our experiences

The island is famous for the multiple stone rows but rock art sites are few! One of the most interesting sites is Scoor cave on the Ross of Mull, located at the bottom of steep cliffs the entrance is not easy to locate within the rocks, nooks and crannies Carved upon the walls of the cave are early Christian crosses, a ship, Labyrinth and cup marks! The site and similar caves along the coast served as a refuge for early Christians, sailors and prehistoric man



One Response to Cave Art on the Isle of Mull

  1. rockartuk says:

    That’s a great serie of photos, Paul! Thanks alot for posting them.
    I’ve added Scoor Cave to BRAC adding 2005 as the year the phots were taken.
    Please let me know if it should be another year.
    Scoor Cave is a great addition to the site and to the “Rock Art in Caves” group:
    Thanks again and all the best.

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