Hi Folks,

I have meant to visit the area above the burial chambers for along time now, to be honest it has been on my list for about a year now. The weather was excellent yesterday so i decided to make it an early start. Got to Cairnholy at about 10.30am, and was soon walking up the path and past the B&B. The first panel numbered 9 is found under a tree in the second field up from the B&B and is really easy to find. The majority of the carvings in the area are found in the next field up, and indeed this field contains the large panel numbered 4, it also contains panels 5 & 8, with 5 being extremely faint until wet and in good light, worth seeing though. Onto the next field up and it contains 6, another nice panel found within a drainage ditch, containing some well pecked and perhaps unfinished carvings. Panel 7 is also located near to 6, but today was unable to find it, perhaps the grid refs being wrong, as there is actually 3 possible grid refs given by different people, all were seached but nothing found.There is also another panel further along from 6 which i called 10, this is one that was discovered by McDavid & Morris in 1981, again i was unable to locate that one..

some of the photos can be seen below, the full story can be seen on BRAC & TMA..


Panel 4  panel 4    panel 4

panel 5  panel 5   panel 5

 panel 6  panel 6  panel 6

 panel 8    panel 8

 panel 9   panel 9

I hope you enjoy the photos of my day out, next time i hope to go back and find the other panels i could not locate, panel 7 and the one i called 10.

There is an interesting story behind panel 3, which i will let Jan add to the Cairnholy site..




4 Responses to Cairnholy…..

  1. rockartuk says:

    Hi Brian,
    The Townhead carwheel slipped into this item and Stoneman’s message has gone.
    Is it the magic power of the Druid or just a slip of the key(board)?

  2. rockartwolf says:

    Hi GC…

    I know i am running out of excuses, going to the shop for milk was the last on my list..

    some nice panels , maybe the odd carving still to locate though..

    a truly special place.


  3. Cupstones says:

    …….Aye – he can’t use that excuse again!

    I was a bit suspicious about the date this was posted – 1st of april, i was expecting some elaborate hoax or something?

    ………….Its not is it?

    Mr Gullible

  4. pebs says:

    You told me you were going for milk 😛

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