Thornhow Crag Grisedale


Thornhow Crag Grisedale  NY 382 154 

 The carvings were found by climber Paul Williams from Preston in June 1999 who sent us the information in Dec 2000

Having climbed up to the top of the crags the easy way! we discovered a number of separate outcrop panels with the petal motifs spread over a level area

Close examination found these to be incised by a metal tool maybe in the last 100 years or so (by sheep shears?) they are certainly old as the slow growing lichen has grown over the incised lines.

An interesting area to visit with prehistoric  rock art nearby in Patterdale


Further to the comments on the incised stones  Craigdhu  Dumfries and Galloway 

The incised stone found in a dyke wall in 1950’s Published in Discovery and excavation of Scotland 

 By John Pickin “ that stones with a similar marigold design were found at Whithorn dated to 8-10c AD” Stone now at the Stranraer Museum Acc no 2005.9


13 Responses to Thornhow Crag Grisedale

  1. WW says:

    PS. Is there any chance to contact the man who found it?

  2. WW says:

    I would greatly appreciate some more information about this find – exactly how many of these symbols are on the top of the crag and are they all on the very top or are they scattered through whole site? Since 2012, I found exactly the same symbols in the church in Tintagel (Cornwall) and in Glastonbury (in the Abbey museum) and know about existence of two more like it in UK in Scotland – one is in famous Rosslyn Chapel and the other is in St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall. Besides that thing is all over the world:

    Search for Nassim Haramein – he have some interesting things to say about this symbol and much more!

    Best wishes!


  3. Ric says:

    Thornhow Crag is roughly ½ mile / 800m SW of Patterdale where a path runs up nearby to the crag. Pattersdale is possibly named after St Patrick and there is a holy well (or perhaps two) in this area dedicated to the saint. It seems plausible then that these marigolds were scribed by Christians, similar to the Stranraer example which was found in the cotext of an early Christian pilgrim route to Whithorn.

  4. Stoneman says:

    Hi George

    interesting the Craigdhu slab has a few linear lines crossing over the motif is the carving older?
    are these prehistoric plough scars/ marks or modern??

    How about side flash photography at night on the Rait site one site member is a expert at this!

  5. geocur says:

    The stone near Rait is as worn as I have seen , might be a good test for the laser chappies .

  6. Stoneman says:

    Hi George
    Pity it not a prehistoric motif! who knows whats out there!
    obtained the info from the Kilmartin Museum when visiting the other week

  7. geocur says:

    Hello Paul ,
    yeah that’s the ones I was thinking of , there is another , a few miles from me , midway between Dundee and Perth near Rait but it is very faint and is only ” picable ” on about one day in the year but I’ll get it one day .

  8. Stoneman says:

    Further to the comments on the incised stones
    Hi George your DES Comment

    Craigdhu Dumfries and Galloway

    The incised stone found in a dyke wall in 1950’s Published in Discovery and excavation of Scotland By John Pickin
    John states
    “ that stones with a similar marigold design were found at Whithorn dated to 8-10c AD”
    Stone now at the Stranraer Museum Acc no 2005.9

  9. Stoneman says:

    Hi Hob

    The site is in a side valley attached to Ullswater ten miles over the Kirkstone pass to the North from Grizedale forest where the sculptures are! So no connection
    We got quite excited when reported to us and disappointed to find this to be not prehistoric
    Looks like the spelling is different for the dale Grisedale i shall correct above

  10. hobsonish says:

    Is it anywhere near the sculpture park? If so, it would seem fitting. It’s got to have involved metal cailpers. Maybe the kind a stone-mason/scultptor would use.

  11. Stoneman says:

    Hi George

    Yes it could be! but I feel it’s the same we did at school with our geometry sets
    But then we also did the Cup and Rings or concentric circles Time don’t change mutch

  12. geocur says:

    The decoration is similar to those found at Whithorn and Craigdhu in D& G , just wondering if any religious significance it does have similarities , though more complex , to a vesica piscis .

  13. rockartuk says:

    Hi Paul,
    Further on my e-mail, I was able to re-post the photos.
    Would it be possible for you to add the Title and text again?
    That would be great. Thanks!

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