The Fire Over Fylingdale Project


I guess this one is mainly for Graeme and Paul. I was talking to a bloke who has a bookshop in Whitby basically trying to see what books he had of interest. He pulled out a copy of your book but told me that he had borrowed it to copy a design of the ‘Fylingdales Stone’ He then pulled out a huge beautiful handmade book with natural paper and a tooled green leather cover held closed with a wooden toggle, the tooled cover featured the Fylingdale motif. I wish I’d taken a picture.

Anyway he gave me a flyer for a writing workshop but didn’t have any other details of ‘The Fire over Fylingdale Project”.


7 Responses to The Fire Over Fylingdale Project

  1. Stoneman says:

    I think they should come up with the cash for a full site excavation Rabbit Rabit

  2. fitzcoraldo99 says:

    Hi Paul
    I’m glad they are using your drawing, I’m suprised that they aren’t using a few more of your illustrations.
    Of course I would never reveal the location or encourge anyone to seek out the stone, and I’m playing Devil’s Advocate here, bit what would happen if the exact location of the stone became known e.g. if some idiot were to perform an illegal excavation or rabbiters were to dig into the monument. Would this spur EH/NYMNP into performing a full rescue excavation of the monument? and would this be such a bad thing?

  3. Stoneman says:

    Hi Gavin

    More info
    A reproduction of The Linear marked stone is in the process of been cut using the laser data and will be on show along with my wax rubbing and the drawing I made for the book
    There is still reporting restrictions in force requested by EH about its location and other information to protect the site

  4. Gavin says:

    Regarding Jans Iranian poster.
    Do you suppose a that the Iranian rock art community are looking at it and debating what strange names we westerners have? Imperial Satanico and Wolfnighthunter Blokey!

    Regarding the book, I guess it will be on display when the project is finished.

  5. Cupstones says:

    That hand tooled book sounds great Fitz – get a pic if you go back.
    A few weeks back i saw a local farmer cutting a heritage trail path through the long grass up on Brow moor, and he said it was part of the Fire over Fylingdales thing, i goggled for it later and also found that press release and was going to post it here when the exhibition/events start in May.
    Re the copyright thing – i’m not over precious about such things as It might be a bit of a problem tracing who owns the original copyright on the carved fylingdales stone πŸ™‚
    Thats why i put ‘ancestral images’ on my web photo – as a nod of respect to them.

  6. rockartuk says:

    Nice poster and an interesting challenge for our respected writers!
    Ha… what about copyrights……. just borrow a nice image to create a fine poster or an amazing combined photo like this one from Iran:
    Your wonderfull 1996 Northern Rock Art invitation has been uploaded to “Arts & Crafts” on BRAC:

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