N&DRAP Newies

I’ve been reviewing the project data sent in by N&DRAP teams, and it would appear that between us  we’ve identified approx 120 carvings thought not to have been previously referenced.

Unsurprisingly, they range from the dodgy single threshold cup types, to the spectacular stuff found at Morwick by Andy’s team.

One of the more interesting finds, is a carving thought to be a representation of the Roman/Celtic  warrior god ‘Cocidius’. Although, to be honest, it just looks like Morph holding a spear and shield to me….. sadly there’s no sign of Chas.

On the same piece of bedrock, the team identifed a motif containing cups with connecting linear grooving in the traditional Neolithic/BA style. But interestingly, the team thought the Cocidius figure & the cups/grooves  were carved by the same person, due to the similarities in groove shape and depth. 

If this theory is correct, then it begs a few questions about the age of the Cocidius character, or the continuing use of our beloved CnRs.


5 Responses to N&DRAP Newies

  1. rockrich says:

    Mr C,
    we’re edging towards the final throws, we need to complete primary recording, then data analysis along with web design. Will probably be 2008 before anything meaningful hits the public domain, or any other domain for that matter.

    I’ve not visited the warrior site yet, but understand it’s located approx 1000meters from a Roman Camp and not too far from Hadrians wall. There are several CnRs in the vicinity, some of which are new finds. Hopefully, I’ll get up there to check the area out in the not too distant future, cos some photogrammetric imagery is still required in the area.

    There’s been no word on national rollout, or moving into other areas. I think the next stage will be to fine tune the recording methodology in preparation for another localised project, whenever that should arise.

  2. fitzcoraldo99 says:

    Congratulations to all of the N&DRAP teams.
    It would be nice to see the project kick-off in other areas. Are there any plans to extend it?

    Do I here echoes of that galician roman legion? Hob and I were speculating about this a while back. Finding a link would certainly a whole new chapter in the rock art annals

  3. Cupstones says:

    Good work you guys have been doing up there in N&D – is there an end in sight yet?

    THe warrior carving sounds very interesting – and the observations about its antinquity, maybe a distant cousin of the galaician warriors carved next to cup and ring carvings?
    Be interested to know if the rock is near other carved stones or near a ‘roman’ site?

  4. rockrich says:

    Jan, all the new stuff should be on a dedicated website by spring next year. The design of it is due to start over the next month, or so. Hopefully, there’ll be some interesting features to play with.


  5. rockartuk says:

    Thanks for the information, Rich!
    Can you tell us what will happen with all these new finds? Will they be published on a website or be incorporated in the Northumberland Rock Art / Beckensall Archive website?
    Love to see a pic of the panel with Cocidius next to C&Rs. Please keep us posted!
    Found this link about Cocidius, the Celtic Warrior God:

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