Half Life

Hi Folks! Greetings from Linda Gordon, who asked me to post the following:


HALF LIFE Mid-Argyll, 4th – 16th Sep 2007

HALF LIFE, a major new landscape work, is NVA’s first co-production with the National Theatre of Scotland. This remarkable event offers two elements.

By day the public are invited to discover a range of sites using a specially designed guide, from rarely seen Neolithic rock carvings to atmospheric hill forts . By night , they are transported to a forest setting near the ancient fort of Dunadd where the first Scottish Kings were crowned. Here, a powerful performance will take place on a vast sculptural set constructed from hundreds of cut logs. HALF LIFE promises an unforgettable outdoor experience in one of Scotland‘s richest landscapes.

HALF LIFE will be officially launched and tickets available from May 2007. For further info please visit: www.nva.org.uk/new-projects/half+life/


3 Responses to Half Life

  1. rockartwolf says:

    We are in the Kilmartin area at the end of august, so this could be on our list for the trip…

  2. hobsonish says:


    Are the images a hint that the rarely seen carvings may include the Torbhlaren stuff?

  3. fitzcoraldo99 says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’m going to make the effort to get myself up there in September. I would have loved to have seen their Glen Lyon project a few years ago.

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