Hi Folks,

You all know that the 2007 Rock Art Meeting, hosted by Brian and Suzanne, will be held on Sunday 10th of June in the Kirkcudbright area in Dunfries and Galloway, Scotland. Maybe its handy to have a web area for travel arangements, etc.

To start with, here’s an e-mail from Linda Gordon:

Hello again
Just to say our latest plan is to hire a car from Glasgow and just turn up for the day. But it is by no means decided, so would still like to hear if anyone else is driving our way. Thanks and hope to see you soon.
All the best – Linda


One Response to RAM’07

  1. hobsonish says:

    That’s a good bit of synchronicity there Jan. I was just about to search for that url, and you’d put it right up there.

    Unfortunately, Mrs H and I haven’t yet managed to work out how to get babysitting sorted for Sunday. The logistics of managing to get back home in time are still impossible to sort out.

    Not given up all hope yet though. For I’d obviously love to get over.

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