RAM 2007


Thanks to the WolfyPebbly ones for hosting, guiding & preparing of what was a fantastic day.

Once again the RAM turns out to be the event of the year, wonderful carvings, wonderful company and weather sent by the gods.

Apologies for boring folks about fissures πŸ™‚


8 Responses to RAM 2007

  1. rockartuk says:

    Hi everyone,
    Linda posted her RAM photo series to Flickr:


    I will certainly use some for the BRAC site collections and weave them into the RAM’07 collection.
    Thanks very much, Linda!

  2. rockartuk says:

    Hi Rockers!
    Back in boring flat Holland and going through the fieldtrip photos, the fantastic RAM’07 is still in my mind; gorgeous weather and even better motifs! Many thanks to our hosts and tour guides Brian & Suz.
    I put Hob’s groups-photo and some of my RAM-pics on BRAC:
    but hope for yours too. I’m very happy to add them to the serie.
    See/hear soon,

  3. pebs says:

    Hi all…

    After all this time I finally got time (and patience) to put a blog together – see here



  4. Linda says:

    it was just such a brilliant day! Janet and i talked about it all the way home – in fact are still exchanging enthusiastic emails.
    i was not surprised to note the positioning of the rocks in the landscape, but was unprepared for the sheer variety and obviously “thought-out” decorative qualities to the panels.
    This, and the laboriouslly hand-pecked marks gave me a great feeling of connecting with another individual person. And i think what got me on an emotional, almost visceral level was this feeling of intimacy coupled with an almost contradictory sense of the ancient past.
    As Janet rote to me a few days ago – one can only wonder about the people who made this stuff… and wonder about the people who are looking at it all now.

    PS I dont remember anything about fissures….

  5. hobsonish says:

    That was a good bash. Shame to have had to disappear so sharpish, I was having a great time chewing the cud. As people have mentioned, in many ways it’s the chance to have a good chinwag about the subject that’s as important as the panels. Online is all fine and well, but it’s no substitute really is it?

    I’ve been checking my photos from Sunday and the group shot at Townhead came out quite OK. I’ll mail it to Jan so he can post it here or on BRAC.

  6. Stoneman says:

    Many thanks for the invitation to view some exciting sites!

    A great day out with interesting news and views about the subject

    Hope to see you all at next years RAM β€œ2008”

    Stoneman and Stone lady

  7. pebs says:

    Yes I can agree with that – a great day. Thanks to everyone who travelled from far and wide, old familiar faces and new.

    It’s always nice to spend the day gossiping about a subject which most “normal” people would find incredibly cold! πŸ™‚

  8. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Rich,

    was so good to see everyone yesterday, the old faces and the new. The whole day was excellent from start to finish. I am so glad that we were able to show some of the best carvings to you all, and all the hard work was well worth it, to see the expressions on all your faces was enough for me to know how much the day was enjoyed.

    roll on next year..

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