Northern Earth Walks Weird Weekend

Calling Graeme,

Just wondering if you can give us any more info on this mini ram type thingy happening on the 8th & 9th september.




4 Responses to Northern Earth Walks Weird Weekend

  1. Hobson says:

    This sounds pretty interesting.

    Depending on the state of play with our house knocking-down/rebuilding, Jac and I will be trying to get down there for the Sunday.

  2. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Graeme,

    It was on tma, the thread started by Davie Raven.I think you were put forward as the rock art expert for the day..


  3. GraemeC says:

    Hello Brian
    I was going to ask where you heard about this – because i’m not quite sure whats planned yet.
    All i know is that some of the folks from the Northern Earth forum are meeting up on the moors to do a bit of walking and visit some sites of interest over that weekend.
    As there is now a trail around Brow moor, i said i would meet up with them and guide them around some of the rock carvings.
    Its their day out really – so its not a mini RAM as such (wishful thinking ? 🙂 )
    but you could check with them if you were keen to be there.

    Probably best to organise our own day up there at some point (with Jan and Gus), for all the hard core rock art ‘twitchers’.

  4. rockartuk says:

    Hi there,
    For those of you who can’t wait for Mr G’s reply, here’s the item on TMA:
    Would love to be there but………

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