Fylingdale Moors Walkabout -Sept 9th


 Around a dozen or so people gathered for a wander over Brow and Howdale moor, mostly Northern Earth folk, but a few hardcore rockart twitchers snuck along (you know who you are!).
Knowing that most ‘normal’  people have a short attention span for vague markings on stones, we first looked at the range of carved rocks in one area and then had a leisurely walk across the moor to look at some of the other features uncovered by the moorland fire in 2003. The earlier clear skies had by now clouded over, making the eroded carvings hard to see and at the half way point rock art fatigue set in for a few folk and they set off to visit somewhere more interesting 🙂

The rest of us continued our stroll heading for the Grey Horse standing stone, noting some of the more visually interesting carvings on the way. By this time peoples thoughts were turning to the long drive home so we headed back, having seen something of the subtle features of a prehistoric landscape that have been long preserved under the moorland vegetation.
Waving off the Northern Earth folk, a few die-hards headed for Allan Tofts to look for more rock carvings, although deep bracken spoiled some of the fun. Still i enjoyed the day, meeting up with people and getting a chance to see Brian ‘the flash’ in action.

Of course i forgot to take my camera so i have no pics of the day but here’s one of the fylingdale carvings.

Lucky i had my camera Graeme;)


Just a few examples of the rock art from the trip..


3 Responses to Fylingdale Moors Walkabout -Sept 9th

  1. GraemeC says:

    Thanks Ms Pebs, Great to see your write up of the walkabout – and ‘Judith’ getting the publicity she deserves 🙂
    And thanks Brian for adding the photo’s, quite amazing/spooky what the flashed photos can capture.
    And agree it would be great to meet up a little more often, as there’s no shortage of places to visit. Maybe a spring ,summer and autumn meet in 2008?


  2. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Graeme,

    many thanks for a really interesting day, was good to catch up with a few of the hardcore folks..something i think we need to try and do more often.


    ps…hope you don’t mind me adding some pics to your blog..;)

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