Northumberland, a short trip..but oh so sweet!

Hi Folks,

Just back from a quick trip over to Northumberland this past weekend to visit some of our favourit carvings. On the list for the day were the carvings of Chatton & Kettley Crags, but also the castle & beach at Bamburgh.

The weather was really nice, lots of blue skies, some fluffy clouds, and not too much wind. After climbing the hill we stopped at the main panel of Chatton, after taking a number of photographs i was pleased with the results, one showing the main carving looking over to the Cheviots..

Chatton panel 1a     chatton

We then moved over to Kettley Crags and the panel i had been waiting a while to try and use the flash on, the results after taking quite a few images are very pleasing. This is one of my favs, taken from the side using the 10-20mm lens and side flash, looking out over the it is.

Kettley Crags   Kettley Crags

More of the pics will be BRAC soon, when Jan returns home from his holiday, or on TMA.

More photographs from the trip to Northumberland can be seen here… rockartwolf on Flickr.


2 Responses to Northumberland, a short trip..but oh so sweet!

  1. fabulous pictures, as always. They say so much more than just: “superb composition and technical skills”. For me they truly bring out the essence of the place, and the sheer power of nature. I agree with Graeme. I know it is not easy getting published – but think it is definitely worth pursuing. Maybe with a bit of your friendly style of writing.

  2. GraemeC says:

    Some great pic there Brian – Ketley crags was always going to look impressive if you could catch it just right.
    It would be great to see all these photo’s in a big glossy ‘coffee table’ book, but i guess it would be too niche a market.
    Still it must be worth letting some publishers see a sample of the images you are producing – you never know?

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