Oval Carving in Lakeland


Hi Folks

The photographs show a new discovery in an area of the Lake District not known for Rock Art

The site at the foot of Windermere is a small boulder fragment built into a field wall

The pecked oval is 10x7cm this may not be in isolation it is our intention to revisit and research the area

In hope of more discoveries



5 Responses to Oval Carving in Lakeland

  1. It’s about time that someone like this finally runs for president. Cross your fingers for 2012.

  2. fitzcoraldo99 says:

    Hi Paul,
    I can’t find a copy of the Sockbridge stone but I did find a picture of a similar stone in the Whitby Museum’s collection


  3. Stoneman says:

    Hello Richard

    Single cups on rocks can be subjective unless peck marks are visible, the oval although quite shallow exhibits peck marks these are rounded in appearance typical of those made by a stone tool and not sharp edged if chipped with a metal tool
    I eliminated this to be a pivot stone for some of the following reasons
    There are peck marks made with a stone tool within the oval
    Pivot stones have round deep holes showing abrasion from the metal rod
    Although the wall has been repaired in the past using mortar in the reconstruction most pivot stones are left buried in place

    The stone may have been quarried from a local outcrop/ boulder or from a destroyed cairn ?

    Hi Gavin

    Look forward to see the oval marked stone, there are a number of pecked ovals on the outcrops at Crookabeck in Ullswater

    Best Paul

  4. fitzcoraldo99 says:

    Hi Paul,
    I found a similar carving on a field clearance pile just above the Eamont close to Sockbridge. I’ll see if I can find a picture.


  5. cumbricnet says:

    Hi Stoneman,

    I wonder how many stones with rock art have been placed another way round, so the art is not visible – though I’m not suggesting tearing down all the walls! I hope this is not too naive a question, but how sure can you be that this is rock art? Is there not a possibility that the stone was gouged out for some practical building purpose – such as part of a gate hinge mechanism?

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