Gift from Galicia


Last week Xiana de la Peña Parga surprised us with a series of photos of Galician rock art.

The images taken by her and her father give a clear meaning to the well-discussed connection between the Galician and British carvings.

The images of animals alongside the familiar cup-and-rings give an even stronger feeling of decoration of the rock surface.

Thanks to Xania’s photos the Spain/Galicia collection on WRAS was re-animated. Thanks a lot, Xania!




One Response to Gift from Galicia

  1. rockrich says:

    Cheers Jan & Xania, mind bogglingly stunning stuff. Apart from the sun and figurative depictions you could almost be in Northumberland or SW Scotland. The similarity in complexity of carvings and positions on outcrops is intriguing….. not to mention the homage paid to fissures by certain motifs….oh eck off I go again 🙂

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