Barbara & Paul’s New RA Book

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Here’s the Tempus flyer of Barbara and Paul Brown’s new rock art book which will be published in March 2008. Click thumbnail for the original cover.

Prehistoric Rock Art in the Northern Dales – Paul and Barbara Brown
(Stroud: Tempus, NPI Media Group Ltd, in Press)

The book brings together a wealth of information on the rock art of the dales that straddle the ridge of the Northern Pennines. The authors present details of their new discoveries together with an up to date account of the known archaeology of the area in a comprehensive gazetteer of sites and locations. Paul Brown’s three-dimensional illustrations highlight the major panels of rock art in the key northern valleys of seven dales that span the three counties of North Yorkshire, Cumbria and Durham including the charismatic dales of Swaledale and Wensleydale. Rock art, its situation within the prehistoric landscape and relationship to other archaeological features, is clearly discussed.

Paul and Barbara Brown have been researching and studying rock art in Britain over two decades and the landscape of the Northern Dales is familiar home territory. They have contributed a considerable number of important new sites to the archaeological record that are described in detail including Copt Howe in Grt Langdale, Cumbria and the recent discovery of a spiral that had been incorporated within a rock art panel on a former North Yorkshire Moor. The presence of a spiral, the first in these stunning northern Pennine dales highlights the significance of its rock art and reinforces a possible route way from the dales into Cumbria and links with the Passage Grave Art of the west coast and beyond into Ireland.
A totally new and exciting publication, due for release in March 2008.

Furthermore, Paul informed me that:

“In the back of the book is a Gazetteer with all the old and new sites listed in Durham, Cumbria and North Yorkshire, including GPS descriptions etc for up to 400 individual entries. Its been a mammoth task for us updating and logging every rock again from our work that started in this area in 1992.”

Congratulations with yet another achievement good for armchair ánd rucksack! I guess there will be book coupons under the Christmas tree this year.


13 Responses to Barbara & Paul’s New RA Book

  1. Stoneman says:

    Hi folks

    Our book at long last is published on June 2nd 2008

    avaiable from the History Press on line and other leading retailers

    Hope you enjoy the read

    Best wishes Paul and Barbara

  2. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Paul & Barbara,

    Can’t wait to read the new book..


  3. George Nash says:

    Well done, I really look forward to getting hold of this.

  4. Stoneman says:

    Hi Gavin
    I think you will need to request some new wellies for Christmas its a trudge over three Counties This should keep you busy in the spring for a couple of weeks


  5. fitzcoraldo99 says:

    Excellent News,
    Looking forward to reading and ‘field testing’ the book.


  6. Stoneman says:

    Hi Graeme
    Thanks for the comments much appreciated
    Hopefully when time permits in the new year i can send you all the site updates on the NYM for your web site PB

  7. GraemeC says:

    This is a nice bit of news – Well done Paul and Barbara.

    It will be good to see the results of all the work you have done in that region in a book.


  8. geocur says:

    Let me know when your’e coming up .

  9. Stoneman says:

    Interesting site George We must see the sites next time we are in Scotland perhaps we can meet up in the new year sometime

  10. geocur says:

    Hello Paul , 85 separate i.e. ,not on the same outcrop or at least 10 metres apart , rocks in past 12 months one of the most recent and interesting is this , an outcrop about Achnabreck x 3 in area with lots of markings but covered in turf and tree felling “brash” .The area either side for a Km has lots of individual rocks too all unrecorded .


  11. Stoneman says:

    Hi George and Richard

    Thanks for the comments we are looking forward to see the finished copy of the book
    85,000 words 130 pages of illustrations and 16 pages of colour
    We have a full book cover PDF with a rock from Gayles moor on the reverse the cover is designed by ourselves

    Are you still plodding along with the rock art project Rich ?
    Found anything new up in Scotland George?

  12. rockrich says:

    Cheers Barbara & Paul, been looking forward to this for a while. Sounds fascinating re- NY spiral and some beauts on the cover to boot.

  13. geocur says:

    Paul and Barbara , great stuff , look forward to reading it .


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