Hunt for RA in Wales goes on!

From George Nash:

Photos from left to right: Cae Dyni, Cae Dyni Detail, Cist Cerrig (click to enlarge)


In early November 2007 a team from the newly formed Clifton Antiquarian Club investigated several megalithic sites in northwest Wales – Cae Dyni and Cist Cerrig, both near Portmadog. Myself, Abby George, John Swann and Laurie Waite discovered 13 or so cupmarks on an upright belonging to Cae Dyni in 2006 and have confirmed this discovery this year. The site has now been fully recorded. At the Portal Dolmen site of Cist Cerrig, club members discovered further cupmarks, this time located on exposed smooth rock outcropping close to the monument. The celebrated archaeologist, Hemp in the 1930s discovered 15 or so cupmarks as well. The distribution of the cupmarks suggests that a ritualised Neolithic landscape is present (rather than just the site). This phenomena appears to be widespread with a similar distribution found on rock outcropping close to the passage grave of Bryn Celli Ddu in Anglesey. Here, up to 30 cupmarks have been found. The rock-art discoveries from these two sites will be posted later. For further information, go to: The Clifton Antiquarian Club’s website

Adam Stanford and myself are at present investigating several more megalithic sites in the North Wales area where further discoveries have been made. News of these sites will be posted in the New Year. Watch this space.

(The sites on BRAC: Cae Dyni and Cist Cerrig)


One Response to Hunt for RA in Wales goes on!

  1. rockartuk says:

    On the 4th of December geocur wrote:
    Good to hear that Wales is being “searched ” . Considering the numbers it won’t take long to have them dectupled (neologism). Interesting about Bryn Celli Ddu as it is not uncommon to find passage graves with RA but no open air RA in the immediate area e.g. Bru and Maes Howe , Loughcrew etc..

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