Lurgan-5; another Top-site!



Hi Folks,

Today, George Currie sent me another series of photos from the Lurgan-5 site and I was pleasantly surprised (again!). What a stunning variety of motifs and what a exclusive design. As George said, this looks like Perth and Kinross’ Achnabreck. But he had to do a lot of digging and pulling and might well hope for a saw under the three this X-mas.

You are kindly invited to take a look at the collection on BRAC.

Thanks for all the hard labour and the awarding results George!


2 Responses to Lurgan-5; another Top-site!

  1. rockrich says:

    Congrats again G, this site just gets more stunning with every bit of soil & root removal. There can’t be another stretch of bedrock with such an array of different motifs, panel ‘P’ is just the dogs b’s in oddness.

    Keep up the wonderful work & look forward to seeing more.

    Look a whole post without mentioning relationships with fissures..doh 😉

  2. GraemeC says:

    An impressive site indeed – great work George.
    Quite a few carvings look to be framed by cracks or have grooves leading to them – like Achnabreck – get Andy Jones on the phone!

    Lets hope Santa brings something for George’s back ache 🙂

    Merry Xmas

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