New Light on the Calderstones


Hi Folks,

Received eight photos and the folllowing text from George Nash with Season Greetings:

The Calderstones, Liverpool constitutes one of Britain’s most important megalithic rock-art sites, dating to c. 2,500 BC.  All that remains of this former passage grave site are six sandstone blocks that are now housed in a pagoda within Calderstones Park.  The site was destroyed during the early 19th century.  The six stones were recorded in the mid-1950s and much comment concerning these stones emulates from this early record.  However, the recorded was only concerned with the megalithic components.  In November and December 2007 George Nash and Adam Stanford recorded these stones at night using oblique and infilled lighting.  By using these techniques a further 25-30% more images was recorded including unrecorded cup-and-rings marks and a possible dagger (Ieft image), similar to those found on Bronze Age rock-art in Galicia. 

The other photos, along with the ones above, are in the fully re-arranged Calderstone collection on BRAC.

 Thanks George & Adam!


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