RAM 2008



 Howdo folks,This years RAM will take place on Sunday 18 May.

Venues / Sites: We’ve been granted permission by the MOD (provisional pending shooting) to access the Gayles Moor / Feldom Ranges area & view some of Yorkshires most elaborate carvings. If there’s time, we may also visit other sites in Teesdale.

Meeting Place:  The A66 Motel, nr Newham: http://www.a66motel.co.uk/  

Start time: We’ll aim to set off for the first site @ 10:30am. Nattering and tea / coffee usually starts from 9:30am onwards.

Accommodation: For folks wanting to stay over on the Saturday, you’re likely to find a number of other rock art reprobates staying here: http://www.tanhillinn.co.uk/ . The A66 motel also has rooms.

This year’s event will include a 1-2km uphill (steep-ish) trek, so get practicing on the treadmill.





16 Responses to RAM 2008

  1. rockartwolf says:

    Yeah it was a pity you couldn’t be there Hob, i had been hoping to have tried a double flash job, to see if it would have worked, next time though..

    Same goes to George, pity you couldn’t have been there.

    So is it looking like a possible Loch Tay RAM, or Kilmartin next year, lets try and plan it early so we can make a weekend of it, get things planned early so we can all be there.?

  2. Hob says:

    Aw w,arn’t y’all nice.

    I’ve seen Brians photies on tma, looks like it were the ususal fun. I shall very much be there next year. Wherever it may be.

  3. Pebs says:

    Hi Hob, missed you really

  4. Gavin says:

    Worse still,
    if you don’t attend you then automatically have to host the next one

  5. rockrich says:

    it t’were a grand day out Hob sir. Next one be there, or we’ll collectively blank you 😉

  6. Hob says:

    Well, I hope you all had a wonderful time.

    I’m very despondent about not being able to get down there.

  7. Pebs says:

    Another fab RAM – nice too see all faces old and new!!

    I’m just sorting through some pics – what do we do with them now? 😉

  8. rockrich says:

    Hello John, glad you’ll be able to make it for our annual collective RA fix.


  9. rockartuk says:

    Hi John,
    Good to hear that you -as our southern veteran- can make it this year again.
    See you in Yorkshire!

  10. John says:

    Hi Rich et al

    Just caught up with RAM’08 meeting date in May. Hope to be there – look forward to meeting up again and the view from the top.

  11. rockartuk says:

    Hi Richard and Folks,
    Thanks for the update of the original post, Rich!
    May I recommend that pre-meeting suggestion should be done here on the blog?
    Thanks and looking forward to see you all!

    PS: The Megalithic Conference at Glastonbury is planned at 17-18 May thank you very much!

  12. rockrich says:

    Howdo folks, the website in the header has been updated with further RAM details.

  13. fitzcoraldo99 says:

    Count me in bucket boy

  14. GraemeC says:

    Ba eck Rich – a Yorkshere RAM wud be grand
    …. up on’t moors lyke,
    If tha needs any elp wi owt – gi as a shart 🙂

  15. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Rich,

    Good to see the date set in stone, looking forward to catching up with you all in May..

    Brian & Suz

  16. rockartuk says:

    Hi Richard,
    Thanks for the RAM’08 date. Agenda already blocked!
    Looking forward to see you all next May.

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