New Carvings at Achnabreck

Hi Folks,

Thought you might like to see the first images of the new carvings recently found after a storm three weeks ago at Achnabreck. The new carvings are only a short distance from the main carvings, and actually only 1meter from the cycle path that runs near the main carvings at Achnabreck. The carvings are rather faint, perhaps from an earlier period or have been exposed for a long time prior to the tree covering them over until the storm.

achnabreck-4-medium.jpg       achnabreck-8-medium.jpg       achnabreck-22-medium.jpg       achnabreck-23-medium.jpg

 More of the photos will appear on BRAC soon.



6 Responses to New Carvings at Achnabreck

  1. Hobsonish says:

    There does seem to be evidence of multiphasic carving going on there. I thought some of the cups looked as if they predated the rings. Most complex.

    I’ve often thought that a couple of the motifs on Achnabreck lower look as if they’ve been intentionally reworked to the point that it’s possible to suspect deliberate attempts at obliterating the underlying motif.

    What a place it is. How much more lies undiscovered. I’ve never been one to wish trees ill luck, but if tht’s what happens when the trees fall, then I can’t get upset about it 😉

  2. rockartuk says:

    This is my top-photo of Brian’s serie:
    Uncovered by the side-flash, it shows that the main motif is interwoven with some partial rings of an uncommon diameter.

  3. rockartuk says:

    Congrats with this great catch, Brian!
    This could well be the beginning of a new Achnabreck era!
    Depends of course what the plans are for the panel; covering or exposure?
    Pics are in place at BRAC:
    Place a link on TMP as well.
    Thanks again for your swift action…….. enjoy the results!

  4. rockrich says:

    cheers Brian, wonderful looking things. bottom rights almost multi square rather than ring.

  5. rockartwolf says:

    You are right Hob, there are cups, in a Ormaig, or Townhead style..nice. Its a pity the carvings are worn, but i am sure once the full excavation has taken place there will be some better pictures plus perhaps more motifs to be seen if they work on the area around the outcrop, which is fairly large.


  6. Hobson says:

    What took you so long dude? 😉

    Nice one. It it a trick of the images, or are there cups in amongst the multiple rings, or are they natural features?

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