Gled Law – New Find


Hi rock people; I sent a bunch of photos to Jan the other day from my recent wind blasted afternoon on Gled Law near Doddington. To my amazement Jan responded to tell me that he thinks this is a ‘new find’ – which would be remarkable if it turns out to be so. I knew that this entire area has been curry combed for decades – so was not expecting to find anything new- moreover, I could not find any of the large sets of motifs anywhere on Gled Law – it is a very large area, Ended up going to Buttony where I found the main motifs in the wood behind the WWII Pillbox.

As you can see from the photo this is an isolated boulder which sits right on the scarp edge at Gled Law, about 500 yards East of Cuddy’s Cave – on the same contour – more or less. There is a farm vehicle park in the field below with my car in it – which is directly in line with Cuddy’s Cave above it. There are a lot of isolated boulders and rocks on this scarp face but this was was close to an obvious line of ascent. Hope it really is ‘new’. Thanks to Jan for including it on BRAC.



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  1. rockartuk says:

    Hi Graham,
    Congrats with this amazing find!
    As already discussed in our e-mail correspondence this week;
    Going through the Gled Law pages on the Beckensall Archive, I found a description of a motif written by Mr Davidson in 1935-6, about a single cup with the trace of a faint ring.
    And although there isn’t an image or gridref given in that account, I’ve changed the name of the site to Gled Law-10, because it is under that number in the above mentioned NRA/BA website.
    I’m quite sure that you have re-discovered that panel after more than 70 years!
    So there still enough to celebrate, mate, Slainté!
    The updated Gled Law collection with more of your recnet photos is at: on BRAC.

    Note: I think it’s better to have click-able thumbnails above the posts. This can be done in the editing mode. Just load your photo from your hard disk to the blog. Before clicking “Send to Editor” make sure you select the radio-button “Thumbnail” in the Show-section and “File” in the Link To section. These features are at the bottom of page; maybe you have to scroll to reach it.
    Furthermore, I’ve altered your HEADING CAPITALS ONLY in the usual format. Thanks!

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