Weetwood 6 – New Find?

After my trip to Fowberry yesterday I went over to Weetwood Moor and revisited the main motifs. At one point it started to rain and I ran for shelter into the woodland where the Weetwood Panel 6 motifs are. After the rain I walked back along the rock outcrop where it leaves the wood and runs back towards the main area of panels at Weetwood. Just outside the wood – on the outcrop edge – I noticed what look like faint traces of rings on a large boulder outcrop – about 10 metres from the wood edge. Do you think this is a ring pattern or just natural? when I ran my fingers over it I could feel what seemed like concentric circles. Wishful thinking?


The suspected motif is about 8″ in diameter. My eye was drawn to it by the circular patch of lichen and the low angle light which seemed to reveal circle patterns and pecks. It is very close to the two large motifs which are inside the edge of the wood – and the outcrop is a continuation of the main rock which they are carved on.


3 Responses to Weetwood 6 – New Find?

  1. Borderglider says:

    I knew I was flying a kite – but I’m still niggled by the possibility that it might be something. I spent the best part of an hour at Weetwood looking for Group 4. I found the Gorse Bush panel at 5 and Stan;s map is pretty clear about where Group 4 should be – but I’m damned if I could find ANY of that group. I’m coming round to the view that you need some hunter-gatherer genes in your ancestry – with an added dash of ferret – to find rock art panels.

    Would be glad to team up with anyone visiting the area anytime – I’m sure I’d learn a few tricks of the trade much faster.



  2. rockartwolf says:

    As Jan says Graham, its hard sometimes to tell if you are looking at weathered carvings or the surface doing strange things…but it could be, you never know. If you want i can give you a ring next time i am over, we can take a shot at using the flash, which does sometimes show up what the eye can’t see..

    I’ll email you and give you my mobile..

    Its great having someone extra on the rockart front looking for carvings..



  3. rockartuk says:

    Thanks for the post, Graham.
    It’s hard to tell from the photo whether this is a genuine carving.
    There are some circular forms indeed but some questions remain:
    1. Is there a depression under the moss in the middle?
    2. Do the rings make whole circles or are they partial (as in the photo)?
    Furthermore, erosion can do strange things to rock surfaces!
    I have to see it in the flesh next May/June.

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