Easter on Chatton Park Hill

Happy Easter rock people,

Feeling weighed down with cabin fever – due to frequent hail, snow and wind showers over the last few days – decided to go and loiter near Wooler, check the garden centre (I was the only customer) and if there looked a break in the weather made a dash for Chatton. I did take photos of Chatton two weeks ago but the light was so poor it wasn’t worth using them.

I could see two great walls of snow clouds – about 10 miles apart – so drove to Chatton in light fluffy hail. Timed it perfect – ran up the hill and arrived in patches of glorious sunshine. Had about 15 minutes to snap away before a great wall of sweeping snow cloud bore down from the North East. Ran down and arrived back at the barn with one side of my face frozen. Certainly gets the blood going this rock art business.

Here is a sample shot.

Chattton Park Hill Panel 1a

Chattton Park Hill Panel 1a

Shaped cups on scarp edge

Shaped Cups on Scarp Edge in front of main panel 1a. This is just ten feet forward of the ‘basin’ which lies at the top of the main channel on panel 1a. If you go to the top of the main rock pavement at Chatton (i.e. West) – there are a number of rocks emerging from the edge of the pavement. These small basins are about 6″ wide and appear to be ‘improved’ natural features, like the larger basin which feeds the channel that runs from top to bottom of panel 1a. The basin on the left has an obvious raised edge which is surely not natural? The one on the right has a sunken ring around the central cup. I assume these are not often mentioned because they are of little interest by comparison with the spectacular carvings just ten feet away?


So, dodging the snow showers was worth it – Chatton is an amazing place.



2 Responses to Easter on Chatton Park Hill

  1. hi there i was wondering if you can tell me what makes these kinda rings in nature please

  2. Yvonne says:

    Fantastic photos. I’m going to Northumberland on holiday soon 🙂

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