Possible New Find, Chatton

Natural Basin with added cut channel - Chatton Park Hill

I came across this basin with what appears to be an artificial channel alongside the main track which ascends Chatton Park Hill. It is about ten yards to the left of the landrover track and about 50 yards below the summit of the hill where the main carved panel is (1a). The channel is about 2″ wide and looks distinctly man-made.


Here is a more vertical shot of the same basin and channel – with a smaller circular, or horse-shoe shaped feature on the rock below it (which may be natural).

The Flash Earth reference is (approx) Latitude: 55 deg 33′ 15.3″ Longitude: 1 deg 52′ 50.7″

What do you think? Man made channel?


5 Responses to Possible New Find, Chatton

  1. Graham says:

    I agree – having looked at the photo for a week now – the cut channel is suspiciously straight and steep sided – a carved channel would tend to be more U shaped and rounded?

  2. Pebs says:

    trouble with Chatton is there’s quite a lot of visible quarrying… would be hard to discount

  3. Hobsonish says:

    I’m sort of glad to hear that G, as I’m not sure how I feel about a particular theory connecting fire reddened shallow basins and antipodean carvings. I have on occasion noticed similar things up here, but it seems too far-out for me to feel comfortable.

    Anyways, back to the point, the basin could be what Stan calls an ‘Enhanced natural feature’. It’s a bit similar to a thing I found last year, a few miles further south:


  4. Graham says:

    Not as far as I could see – it was just a shallow basin – which I think is completely natural. My attention was only drawn to it by the channel leading into it, which looks man made to me – it is very straight and enters the basin at a right angle.

  5. Hobson says:

    This might sound like an irrelevant question Graham, but was the basin fire-reddened?

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