The Iranian Adventure

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the good wishes for our field trip to Iran. We came back last Thursday after a sleepless night between Tehran, Vienna and Amsterdam. Parts of our brain are still in Iran as is the heart after we experienced so much love and attention. We thought to go there for the rock art but it turned out that the people made the deepest impression. Especially the four nights in (rock art) Khomein. We became part of a large group of lovely people and could not escape their constant attention and care. It felt like a warm (family) bath.

To our surprise, a (state sponsered?) documentary film was made about our visit to the rock art area and our stay in Khomein. They will try to have it shown on the Rotterdam Film Festival in the end of 2008. Fun! Staying so close to the people as we did during our stay in Khomein gave us the opportunity to discover the ‘other’ Iran which is so different from what we learn from the western media. We are convinced that the other Iran is the real one; the people and the land!

I’ve mixed Gus’ photos and mine and produced a collection about all the things not being rock art. There are over 500 photos covering 12 days of an unforgettable trip. A slide-show will take about 45 minutes so take your time or check back. The real rock art collections (without people!) will follow; we need the correct names of the sites, etc.

For the field trip collection click: here

Greetings from Gus & Jan


5 Responses to The Iranian Adventure

  1. Hob says:

    Ho, Jan, just got sent this url:

    I pointed a colleague of mine who’s an Iranian Ex-pat at your pics and she was absolutely over the moon to see them ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Iran says:

    Dear sir,

    Thank you for sharing the images.

    Thaere are some note that I want to share with you.

    First of all the Persian Word “BOZ” like “Doze” is used for female mammal and these imagas are male, so the Persian terminology is “KAAL” like “Hall”.
    In litterature KAAL va BOZ means Male and Femal.

    Second is that, those Kaals and Bozes, that you beautifully mentioned in California, are Persian; and before Islamic revolution 50’s and early 60’s [BC], scientes took them to the USA to save them from extiction. I have to add that ,these mammals are one of a kind!!!
    Finaly thank you for paying attention.

    Kind Regards

  3. Pebs says:

    it’s the one of you all sitting having a picnic ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. rockartuk says:

    Hi Suz,
    Thanks for the welcome back! We’ve had an unbelievable time with the rock art group in Khomein and in the rest of Iran.
    The link in your responce points to the whole colelction instead of to one particular photo. Go to the photo of your choice, right click it and select something like “show this image in a seperate frame”. You will see that the ‘c’ (collection) in the address changes to ‘p’ (photo). That link will take us all to the pic of your choice. Which one is it?
    Thanks and I hope to see you and Brian in Yorkshire soon.

  5. Pebs says:


    I love looking through all those photographs. I’m glad you two made it back OK, so did Gus buy that watch??

    My fave photo has to be this one, which I think we should try to recreate in the dry heat of Gayles Moor….

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