RAM and RAMS 2008






Hi Folks


The 2008 RAM looks like it has again been a great day for the group, we

regret we were unable to attend as we were away on our yearly pilgrimage to Kilmartin where we experienced our own mini “RAM” and as the posts above shows some of our very own “group” – including Stan B on a talent shoot.


We agree that the Feldom ranges (Gayle’s CP) rock art sites are fascinating and glad you had the opportunity to see them. We’ve been involved with the area since 1994 and feel privileged to have plotted and recorded many of the known sites originally discovered by Stuart Feather and the Bradford archaeology group and to have been able to expand these sites with a number of new discoveries made over the years.


Our more recent private survey 2006/2007 has since expanded the known sites to approx 120 examples in Feldom ranges and more on the periphery, such as the fine example posted above, so there are a lot more to see folks! The rock art sites have unfortunately been referred to in a number of publications as situated on Gayles Moor,  in fact there are no known sites on Gayles Moor which is located 3km to the west of the main sites. The confusion seems to arise from the dropping of CP (civil parish) in Gayles.  Feldom Ranges is located within Gayles CP that consists of a scattering of moors, farms, villages and enclosures.  The main concentration of rock art is located within Gayles Plantation and Battle Green areas.  It may be a bore, but it’s important to that we all understand the location of the rock art here to avoid confusion and repetition in the future.



all the best Stoneman



3 Responses to RAM and RAMS 2008

  1. Stoneman says:

    Hi Brian

    Its a difficult area as a location issue as the rock art is spread over a number of parishes Gayles ,Dalton ,Kirby hill, Marske CP’s But all within the Feldom Ranges The majority of sites are located within Gayles CP
    This is now corrected and listed as Feldom Ranges within our book

    Thanks to rich pointing out the publication date of our book just had the Email from the publishers this evening

    Best Stoneman

  2. rockrich says:

    Brian, according to the website its out this Sunday.

  3. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Paul, it was a pity we couldn’t have worked things out for the RAM this year, would have been good to get together again. Thanks for clearing up the area and location issues. Hope you had a really good time in Kilmartin, any new finds?..


    ps…when is the book due out?..


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