RAM ’09 Perthshire ?

Hello folks ,

Looks like absence makes the Ram in Perthshire. Jan mentioned  an interest in Lurgan, good choice as there is lots to see in the one area. If everyone is happy about the walk in, which is about a mile on a land rover  track and an ascent of 220m then fine. It is possible to drive , people do it on a daily basis but you might not want to. Let me know if there is a problem or if  anything doesn’t suit.



5 Responses to RAM ’09 Perthshire ?

  1. rockartuk says:

    Hi George and folks,
    Sorry for being late with my reactions to the good news of having a distinguished host for the RAM’09. Great, George!
    I received the following e-mail from Tony Laverick on 31 July (yes, this year!):

    “Thanks again to Jan, Richard and all others concerned for a great day on
    Gayles Moor. It’s a pleasure and a genuine privilege to spend time with
    serious enthusiasts who are willing to share their knowledge, passion and
    discoveries with idle dilettantes like me. It’s obvious that the subject is
    in many pairs of safe hands and I hope to meet you all again next year.
    Before then I hope to have found the Ketley sites which have eluded me so
    far. Kirkudbright 07, Yorkshire 08….roll on 09!”

    “Roll on”, what a good motto indeed for next year’s RAM, especially when we go downhill for one and a half mile! I’ll be there and hope to meet you all.



  2. rockrich says:

    Sounds wonderful George. Glad you’re accepting of the imposed challenge 🙂

  3. G . says:

    Aberfeldy selects itself as the most obvious place for a meet , camp sites , b ‘n b ‘s , hotels bunk houses at Glassie & Weem etc. although coffee on a sunday morning at 10 might stretch the capabilities of the local catering . No passport probs at the weekend , failing that a N.Yorks bus pass will suffice .

  4. GraemeC says:

    Hello George
    Yep in your absence you were volunteered 🙂
    I hope to be there if it comes together north of the border
    Will i need my passport?


  5. rockartwolf says:

    Hi George,

    Glad to hear we are getting an early start on next years RAM, sounds good for us.
    Maybe we can plan things and try and make a weekend of it.



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