Prehistoric RA in Cumbria

Hi Folks,

Thought some of you might be interested in this event..

We will be there, hope to see some of you there, ( its south of Cockermouth).

Prehistoric Rock – art in Cumbria

  • Venue: Yew Tree Hall High Lorton
  • Date: 10th July 2008
  • Time: 7.30pm
  • How to book: Not required
  • Price: Visitors £2
  • Tel: Ted Gilbertson 01900 85482
  • Lecturer: Dr. Stan Beckensall
  • Event Type: Local and Community History

Dr. Stan Beckensall is a world authority on prehistoric rock – art. He has written extensively on most areas of British rock art. The illustrated talk will place Cumbria in a context of British rock – art generally and will present some certainties and many unknown things about it.

Admission Fee includes refreshments




2 Responses to Prehistoric RA in Cumbria

  1. Pebs says:

    Yeah we took my Dad along… he was a bit reluctant but we assured him Stan was entertaining and he quietly watched and didn’t fidget much, so I thought he might be enjoying it… then when the tea was served afterwards and he got chatting to the guy with the kettle, he discovered that the building we were in used to be the malthouse for the original Jennings brewery and Dad got incredibly excited, rabbiting on about it all the way home about how the village was built around the brewery and the big house must be the owner’s etc etc. I guess we know where his true interests lie !!!!

    We picked up a copy of Stan’s new book “Unquiet Grave”, aimed at “young people” – which is full of references to the Bewick / Blawearie area. I had a quick squatch through it and on first impressions it’s a decent mix of fact and fiction which will probably leave me quite confuddled!

  2. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Folks,

    We went to the Yew Tree Hall on thursday to see Stan, had a nice chat with him, and enjoyed an hour of a very well thoughtout lecture. There was quite a good attendance, mainly taken from the historical society that were putting on the event, and i guess the subject of rock art was new to alot of them.

    a really good night.

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