New Rock Art Web Site

Hi Folks

July the 31st 2008 A good day for rock art !

Today was the launch of the English Heritage Rock Art Web Site

The event was well attended by number of the British Rock Art Group along with private and professional representatives and held at a local hotel in the Tees Valley.  After lunch and brief presentations the final event was curtailed regrettably by heavy rain and hill fog prevented some attending the field trip onto Barningham Moor in the late afternoon.

We were greeted this morning with a newspaper article centred around our new publication Prehistoric Rock Art in the Northern Dales

A scan from the newspaper Teesdale Mercury 30th July 2008 is posted above

Posted above is another press cutting on the NDRAPP rock art project and EH Web site reported in the Darlington & Stockton Times 1st August 2008

The Times press cutting August 4



One Response to New Rock Art Web Site

  1. rockartuk says:

    Hi Paul and all,

    Thanks for scanning the documentation. The invitation card is already in the Event Poster Collection:

    It was a great day indeed and I’m trying to find my way on ERA now. Things seems to change nearly every day; more and more stuff is added….. good!
    Tony (The Giant) Laverick wrote the following mail to me:

    “I’ve just heard Richard being interviewed on BBC Radio 4. He came across
    very well even though the interview only lasted about a minute. How often
    does British rock art get publicity?……about once in a blue moon, I would
    think. Who knows, some new, young enthusiasts may be recruited to continue
    the research for generations to come. Well done, Richard……we need a RAM
    ’08 part 2 to look at your new discoveries. Best wishes….Tony.”



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