Danby Rigg

I was up at Danby Rigg on Thursday having a mooch around the ring cairns and enclosure up there, if you’ve not been it’s a crackin’ place with tons of multiperiod archaeology, cairnfields, ring cairns, walls, enclosures, dykes, earthworks,  marker stones, a corpse road and much more besides

I was sat having my lunch beside the lovely standing stone in the most easterly of the ring cairns (235 in Harding’s survey) I have remarked before that I believe this stone to be cupmarked with one single cup on the easterly face. http://www.themodernantiquarian.com/post/25233/danby_rigg.html

I have now noticed another feature on the opposite, westerly side.

It appears to be a possible eroded motif of small cups encircling a central depression.

It may be nothing or something I don’t know, if your up that way it’s worth a look.




4 Responses to Danby Rigg

  1. rockrich says:

    or a blind woodpecker with a titanium beak.

    It aint natural that’s for sure

  2. fitzcoraldo99 says:

    alternatively it could be some fella called Charlie who was roughing out his initial when the keeper happened along (-:

  3. Hob says:

    You never know Gavin, it could be one of those unfinished motifs. Where they pecked out the rough line of the ring, but never joined the dots.

  4. Graemec says:

    darn Yoghurt – gets every where 🙂

    Amazing if its the real deal and no one has noticed it before.
    I’ll get somebody up there right away 😉


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