ERA New Finds Update

Howdo folks,

Just thought I’d write a quick note to update you on progression with the ERA website. Whole swathes of changes have been made to ERA’s offline development site, including improvements to the search facilities, galleries and photogrammetry. Hopefully, the updated version will be uploaded to the current addy come the months end.
In July / August, the ERA press release quoted ‘over a hundred new finds’ by the project, but only 12 of the better ones appear on the New Discoveries page.
So, just for your delectation I’ve produced the list below detailing all those believed to be ‘new’ as of Dec 07. Now we can’t claim that all of these finds are genuine rock art, they range from definite to extremely dubious – hopefully this will be clear in the text of each record.

Link to the List


10 Responses to ERA New Finds Update

  1. Hob says:

    Like the sound of that 2c off cut. Shame hey couldn’t match it up directly, otherwise we could have glued it back on 😉

    I shall get around to mailing that pic Rich. I’m in crap hippy mode at present.

  2. Hob says:

    Good stuff Rich. I’m interested to hear about the new things around the Horseshoe, as the chap who drove me up there mentioned (on the way back, when it was too late to heck) that he thought he’d spotted some CnR action in an area between the road, Birky Hill and 2C.

  3. rockrich says:

    Hob, I’m afraid an AWOL list is beyond my meagre MS Access capabilities – you’ll be able to delve into such matters once the ERA Advanced Search is up and running.

    4 or 5 newies were added to West Lordenshaw….me finks around the Horseshoe rock & 2c. If you send a pic through I’ll tek a skeg.

    Mr C, just ‘a’ spelling mistake? 🙂

  4. Graemec says:

    Sorry Rich, I couldn’t resist 🙂

    Hey Jan i was ‘pulling his leg’ (joking with him)
    although i thought i saw a spelling mistake 🙂

    (GC ducks for cover)

  5. Hob says:

    Nice. Can we have an AWOL list too?

    PS, Have you got the single cup a few metres west of Lordenshaws 2C extension? I’ve not got a gps ref, but I’ll mail you a photo.

  6. rockrich says:

    that looks far too neat Jan 😉

    Graeme, bog off, you know I’ll check 😉

  7. rockartuk says:

    Hi Richard,
    Thanks for the up-date, mate!
    Waaauuww…….. BRAC is falling behind here!
    I edited your post due to the very long list by placing a link to the list in a separate document. I hope you don’t mind keeping the front page of the blog a bit tidy.

    For Greame: I counted them and they are all there……. unbelievable, eh?



  8. Graemec says:

    Hey Rich
    i think you missed one ……….. 🙂

  9. rockrich says:


    Old Bewick 3N1 Northumberland
    Old Bewick 1N1 Northumberland
    Old Deanham I Northumberland
    Padon Hill N01 Northumberland
    Scrainwood Quarry N01 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N06 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N13 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N14 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N03/04 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N10 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N02 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N09 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N15 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N01 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N16 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N08 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N17 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N18 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N19 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N20 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N21 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N22 Northumberland
    Snook Bank N23 Northumberland
    Titlington Mount N01 Northumberland
    Titlington Mount N02 Northumberland
    Wallington Newhouses e Northumberland
    Wallington Newhouses f Northumberland
    Wallington Newhouses g Northumberland
    Wallington Newhouses N01 Northumberland
    Wandylaw g Northumberland
    Weetwood Moor 2m Northumberland
    Weetwood Moor North c Northumberland
    West Lordenshaw N2d Northumberland
    West Lordenshaw N01 Northumberland
    West Lordenshaw (Birky Hill) N01 Northumberland
    West Lordenshaw (Birky Hill) N04 Northumberland
    West Lordenshaw (Birky Hill) N02 Northumberland
    West Lordenshaw (Birky Hill) N03 Northumberland
    West Shaftoe Farm N02 Northumberland
    West Shaftoe Farm N01 Northumberland
    Westcliffe House N01 Northumberland
    Westcliffe House N02 Northumberland
    Whitsunbank 2b Northumberland
    Whitton Burn N03 Northumberland
    Whitton Burn N04 Northumberland
    Whitton Burn N01 Northumberland
    Whitton Burn N02 Northumberland

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