Rock Art Collage

2008-10andy-curtisnorth-durham-raprint-for-saleHi Folks,

Maybe you got this offer already by e-mail from Andy Curtis (rockandy) but I suggested to him lately that it could also be advertised on the blog.

Andy wrote:

If it’s possible for you to put an advert on the blog I would be most happy. I’ve sent a slightly modified pdf if you can use that (taking out my address and coding my email address a little). Let me know if another format would be better.

I don’t think this enterprise will make me any money – just a bit of fun really. The collage method means I can get away with my photos not being quite as good as those of the new flash and wide angle persuasion.

Please click the thumbnail below for further info



One Response to Rock Art Collage

  1. GraemeC says:

    Nice one Andy
    At last you’ve found a use for the huge mass of photo’s we all take of these bits of rock 🙂
    They would not look out of place in any RA ralated exhibition.

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