Copt Howe addition?

Hi Folks,

Nicola Didsbury asked me to post the following on the blog for your consideration:

Can you copy a photo of The Megalithic Portal and post it on the blog?
It was dismissed on the portal as natural, but looked clearly like a couple
of cups to me.
Is anyone on the blog aware of its existence, is it mentioned in any archives?
Its right on the road, next to the pullover parking place for Copt Howe.
Best wishes,

With pleasure! Click photo to enlarge.



4 Responses to Copt Howe addition?

  1. yewwell says:

    I spent a lovely day up beyond the wall, at a place called “Slippery Rocks”. The rocks were *covered* with “cups”. I knew there were to many to be man-made, but wondered at them nevertheless.
    Then I went down to Cawfields milecastle, and read the tourist info panel there. Likely the stones that make the whin edges by the walls are magma intrusions, in which bubbles formed as the magma cooled.
    Perhaps these rocks around Borrowdale have similar properties, as the area was volcanic at one time.
    Anyway – thanks for your comments, it is nice to have folk to chew the cud with !
    Nic 🙂

  2. Gavin says:

    Hi Nicola,
    unfortunately as Brian says, these are almost certainly the work of nature and are not that uncommon in the rocks of the Borrowdale Volcanics.
    I guess when you compare these smooth, rounded cups with the nearby man-made crudely pecked motifs it kinda confirms that these features had different origins.

    As for bullet-scarred rocks, here’s a few examples that had me fooled a while back until Chopper Chappell and a surley gamekeeper put me right.


  3. rockartuk says:

    These kind of a sort of cups have been subject to speculation for years.
    They are found in Cumbria, Derbyshire, Northumberland and maybe in other area’s too.
    In 2003, a panel of these (far) to neat ‘cups’ was shown by a landowner to San Beckensall and Aron Mazel. Here’s a photograph:
    The discovery was pick-up by the local media as well as the BBC:
    The motifs were called the “mysterious” carvings, far from the common ‘cup-n-ring’ ones.
    Since they are mostly found on (near) vertical cliffs/boulders/outcrop, they could be related to bullet impacts whereby the ‘bunny ears’ in Stan’s photo are the result of shooting under an certain angle.
    This is of course purely hypothetical; I’ve never shot bullets to cliff walls and never will. Are there any cowboys left to do a bit of experimental archaeology?

  4. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Nicola,

    I think we have all seen the marks you photographed, although i must admit i haven’t looked at them for about 3 years now, but i seem to recall them being classified as natural back then.
    Anyone else got some views on this one?


    ps..hope you enjoyed the carvings on Copt Howe and the Wall End boulder?

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