Valcamonica RA Event 2009


Hi Folks,

Coincidentally, I lately received a nice poster from George Nash about a rock art trip to the valcomonica area in Northern Italy and and, through another rock art friend, an inviting text about the same event from Kate Sharpe.

Here’s Kate’s text and George’s poster. Maybe it’s something for you when Brazil is just a step to far!

Dear All,
Thought some of you might be interested in this opportunity to try your hand at an alternative way of recording rock art – in very different surroundings in the Italian Alps! I would highly recommend it; the scenery is amazing, the rock art excellent, and the wine is also rather good.  It’s a whole new experience recording rock art half way up a mountain in baking sunshine, and you even get a certificate at the end!  If you would like to know more about the rock art, the course, or the accommodation do get in touch with George (see poster).
There is of course, a website which has the info for last year’s programme (including an application form!) and I suspect next year will be very similar.


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