RA in the Menteith Hills

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Hi Folks,

With the help of Maarten van Hoek’s scanned photos from the 1980’s, we were able to solve quite a bit of the Menteith naming puzzle.

This resulted in an update of the 2005 paper which can be viewed as PDF-file by clicking here.

The complete photo collections on BRAC:

Ballochraggan, Nether Glenny and Over Glenny




3 Responses to RA in the Menteith Hills

  1. rockartuk says:

    Thanks for your nice words; glad you liked it.
    Since Paul Brown sent us a copy of Maarten van Hoeks article in the “Forth Naturalist and Historian”, Vol. 15, 1992, we were able to add Maarten’s drawings of 17(!) panels to our paper. Great addition!
    We furthermore manage to produce a map of the area with a dpp (dot per panel).
    It can all be enjoyed at:

  2. Hob says:

    That’s cracking good stuff chaps. A nice tidy format, concise and informative. A fine example of RA writing. Hearty applause.

  3. Geo Cur says:

    Well done folks, a great job. Now that winter is only half over is there time for a similar effort on Tombuie /Braes of Taymouth / Braes of Balloch. OK, maybe next year.


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