Bad start for BRAC


Hi Folks,

BRAC did not have a good start in the new year.

For mysterious reasons, the site is not reachable for the last couple of days.

We hope this don’t last to long.




8 Responses to Bad start for BRAC

  1. rockartuk says:

    Ah… the over 15.000 photos are secured but all those references and additional text; it would take years to restore that. But with Fotopic back on track, I won’t think about such a nightmare scenario. Although………naaaah!

  2. Hob says:

    Jan, have you got a backup in case it all goes pearshaped in the future?

  3. rockrich says:

    aye thank bejesus for that!!

  4. rockartuk says:

    BRAC (and thousands of others!) BACK ON TRACK!!
    This nightmare lasted only one (to) long weekend.
    Thank heavens its over but this affair certainly created second thoughts about the liability of photo hosting site.
    Please enjoy BRAC again!

  5. rockartuk says:

    Found this on the web when I Googled “what happened to Fotopic?”:
    Hi all —

    Apols for the late response, I’ve only just been told about this

    Firstly, Nicky and I sold in May 2008 (to a company called Snappy Designs Ltd which is part of ANY-Web Group), so please take it as read that we’ve got limited visibility on what’s going on right now, and this is based on what I’ve managed to glean from the new owners.

    Now, some details: I got a phone-call that Fotopic had disappeared this morning. Since then I’ve been trying to find out what’s going on, and it turns out that Kingston Comms had dropped Fotopic from its route-map owing to a system fault; I understand it will be back as soon as they inject it back into the global route, and things will be
    back to normal.

    Snappy is reportedly solvent and while I can’t see any accounts I’ve no reason to believe this isn’t the case. I’d suggest that once the site is back, you drop an email to or if there’s issues with Printshop payments.

    Finally, I’m keeping a pretty close eye on this but there’s not much I can do while it’s offline. When it’s injected back into the route-map, it’ll be visible within 5-10 minutes for the UK but the rest of the world may take a bit longer. Basically, hang on there, it’s not gone bust but it might be day before it returns; as an old friend of mine
    said “one day this will all be an anecdote”.

    Best wishes

    (former Fotopic bloke, but not for some time)

    Keep yer arms, legs and fingers crossed, mates!
    I joined a discussiongroup of former (sic) fotopic users:

  6. rockrich says:

    Lets just hope it’s a techie fault Jan, you and Gus have put so much work into making BRAC the best online resource for British Rock Art – it’d be a bugger if it had be built up again!! If the worst has happened, I’ll assist with populating a new site (if it’ll help)

    It’s a pity a relatively secure host/site like ERA couldn’t be utilised in someway, but the complexity of setting up site pages, politicising (EH, LA, HER etc), monetary issues and Anglophilic nature would prevent it. + theres something nice about arriving at photos in 1 or 2 clicks.

  7. Stoneman says:

    Hi Jan

    Looking at it logically from all angles It would appear that the Rings or should I say springs on the Cup and Spring stones could do with a wind up!
    or could it be the servers have had the plug pulled due to the credit crunch
    Santa’s pulled the wrong plug when disconnecting the Christmas lights!
    Joking apart lets all hope its up and running very soon come ON BRAC we all miss you!

  8. rockartuk says:

    I have no idea what had happened to good old Fotopic.
    It feels like being amputated from my websites.
    Was the server struck by winter lightning?
    Have they pulled the plug and are now sunbathing on an island in Polynesia?
    Is the site hijacked by aliens?
    Is it an action of the Thumbnail Liberation Front?
    Or is it just an up-date which last 12 months per year?
    Nobody knows; even my e-mails don’t come through.
    We can only wait and see and stay away from the double-U bottle!
    Please bear with us, we do that with you…..

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