RAM ’09 .


Hello folks, finally sorted dates etc. for the RAM meet.

All welcome!

Date is Sunday 17th May and we’ll probably meet at Jan and Gus’ B n’ B in Aberfeldy , 10:30 ish street name etc to follow. Lurgan will be the main site which will mean pooling cars for the 4 mile drive there. There are plenty Bn’ B’s in Aberfeldy, a few hotels and a camp site. Nearby are two bunk houses, Weem , and Glassie which is similar in situation to Lurgan being on a terrace (330m OD ) above the Tay and having some rock art in the immediate area.
Aberfeldy is under 20 miles from the A9 and has a connecting bus service from Pitlochry, which is the closest rail station.

Hope to see you all on the day. Any problems questions etc. do ask.


Click this link for the lastest information!


20 Responses to RAM ’09 .

  1. rockartwolf says:

    Cheers to George for another excellent RAM, really nice sites and the company was superb again.


    hope you enjoy the images.


  2. rockrich says:

    Thanks to George for organising this wonderful event – was a fantastic day (or weekend for me 🙂 ). As ever, great company, carvings and scenery. + the rock art weather gods shone down on us once more.

  3. Geo Cur says:

    Thanks Brian , I’ll e-mail him the info .
    The only new stuff I was aware of was Rogie and Loch Luichart .


  4. rockartwolf says:

    Hi George,

    Just to let you know that we spoke to John Wormbell at the BRAG meeting and mentioned the RAM to him, so hopefully he might try and make it. His talk on the rock art project he is part of was very good, looks like lots of new discoveries up that way.


  5. Geo Cur says:

    Just bumping this as a reminder .


    cheers George

  6. rockartuk says:

    Good to hear, John!
    We leave the Lowlands on May 6th.
    We look forward to see you and (all?) the others in Aberfeldy.
    Keep our fingers crossed for good weather and the rest!
    Gus & Jan

  7. Cupring says:

    Hope to come – I’ve been to this area before many years ago & remember looking at small stone circles around Loch Tay – wasn’t aware of cups&rings at that time.

    Also attempted to get to top of Ben Lawers – but mist descended. You’re supposed to be able to see Atlantic & North Sea.
    BW John

  8. rockartuk says:

    Hi Folks,
    After getting permission form the guesthouse folks for the pre-RAM meeting, I updated the RAM announcement page in consultation with George. Here’s the link:
    This link is also at the bottom of the BRAC frontpage.
    Would you be so kind to use this link in eventual invitations for RAM’09?
    Thanks guys!

  9. rockrich says:

    Shame you can’t make it Gavin – at least you’ve 16months to organise 2010. Your only saviour could be if someone says they’re coming but doesn’t turn up 🙂

  10. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Folks,

    we hope to see you all there, if the gods allow us.

    Brian & Suz

  11. Gavin says:

    Does this mean I have to organise RAM 2010?
    Right folks,
    RAM2010 will be held in Malta

  12. rockartuk says:

    Thanks Gavin and yes, there will be a 2010 one!
    Ahhh…. you know how it works, George!
    Coundn’t be more democratic, eh?
    Cheers guys!

  13. geocur says:

    Give us a ring or e-mail a few days before Fitz we’ll sort something out .

    Mmmm talking of 2010 and absence ???

  14. Gavin says:

    Hi Jan
    I think the less fuss the better , the Ram should be left on the agreed date, Sunday the 17th. It’ll be a shame not to see you all but hey…there’s always 2010.

    George, I’m probably going to be driving up to Aberdeen and back to attend a few courses this year if you fancy a meet up & a blether.

  15. rockartuk says:

    Hi Folks,
    Sorry to hear that you are on the high seas on the 17th of May, Gavin.
    No problem for us when the date of the RAM will change but we are on a tight schedule for this year’s field trip.
    We are only 14 nights in the UK; Wigtown(3), Kilmartin(3), Aberfoyle(2), Aberfeldy(3), Peebles(1) and Wooler(2).
    We leave on the 6th from IJmuiden and will be back in the boring lowlands on the 22nd of May.
    Boat and B&B’s have been booked so I’m afraid we have to stick to our plan.
    Whatever date it will be…… Roll on, RAM’09!!
    Gus & Jan

  16. Gavin says:

    Hi G,
    Yeh I’m sorry mate but they changed my rota on me. if there is a chance of flexibility and we’re looking at Sundays in May, I’ll be home 24th and 31st of May.
    I really don’t want to mess anyone around so if it is at all awkward then please don’t give it a second thought.

  17. geocur says:

    Thats a shame Fitz ,as I chose that date thinking you were free on tha tdate . It’s not set in stone so I’ll check with Jan & Gus to see what their schedule is like is there another date that would suit ?


  18. Gavin says:

    my offshore rota has changed so sadly I’ll not be able to come.


  19. rockrich says:

    cheers George, hope to be there.

  20. Hob says:

    Nice one George.

    17th Eh? Shall go diary checking too see how that fits for Jacqui and I.

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