Van Hoek Rock Art Albums


Hello Folks,

We are very happy to present to you a link to the Rock Art Albums of Maarten and Elles van Hoek. They contributed their twelve albums to us in June 2008. The albums hold thousands of photos and drawings, taken during their numerous field trips to the UK and Ireland from the early 1970s to the 1990s. They gave us permission to present their images online on an unique website.

Gus scanned the 1069(!) pages in a high resolution from which I could select the single photos for publication in BRAC. Needless to say that this is an ongoing job for the year(s) to come! To most of the pages I’ve added keywords (name of the site) but there are still a lot which are unknown to me. This counts for a lot of the Yorkshire and the Irish pages. You are kindly invited to help us out here by informing us about the names of page with a tag “unk” (unknown).

Navigation is quite easy: click thumbnail album > click thumbnail page > use next/previous buttons  or click the “Slide Show” button; bringing you the the largest page view with captions. Click large image to go back to the smaller version. An other method is: click album > click page > click on the medium photo of the page. This brings you to the largest view of the page with next/previous buttons on the right and left.

After the click on album > click on page, hover with your mouse over the left edge of the photo. The “Send Link” button is the instrument to let us know the name of the “unk” pages. Just click it. A window with links will open. Only click “Open in E-mail” and the photo link will show-up in an E-mail form. Add you remarks and send it (e.g. to This procedure can also be achieved by clicking the “Send Link” in the right upper corner. Thanks for your support in this matter but take your time. First of all enjoy the images of rock art panels from over twenty, thirty and some over nearly forty years ago.

Can’t wait to see it all? Here’s the link:

Just in case you want to say something to Maarten and Elles, there’s a (one-way) guestbook online!



PS: The photo above (cick to enlarge!), taken in the 1980’s is the only one in the albums showing both Elles and Maarten.


4 Responses to Van Hoek Rock Art Albums

  1. rockrich says:

    Once again cheers Jan, Gus, Maarten & Elles – topnotch stuff!! i’ll have a gander at the unknowns.

  2. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Jan,

    Congrats to the both of you for such a well done job.


  3. geocur says:

    Thanks to all four of you , a great resource .


  4. Hob says:

    What a pair of absolute stars you are!

    Top notch stuff 🙂

    Hearty cheers to all involved.

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