Simpson in a new coat


Title page of the original book

Hi Folks,

We normally don’t advertise merchandise, but I though you might be interested to know that James Young Simpson’s book “Archaic Sculpturings of Cups, Circles, Etc.”, originally published in 1867, is now published in facsimile by Kessinger.

The original book is of course ” the real thing” but since it is rare and very expensive, you could think about a neat replica:




4 Responses to Simpson in a new coat

  1. fitzcoraldo99 says:

    Thirteen pounds and twenty new pence on amazon plus two pounds and seventy five pence postage and packing….can’t be bad.

  2. fitzcoraldo99 says:

    I’m a big fan of ‘print on request’ it’s a grand way of getting reasonably priced out of print books to the people who appreciate them most.
    I’ve had a few bits and bobs from Kessinger, including Fergusson’s Rude Stone Monuments, and have no issues at all with the quality of the reproduction.

    As for a tombola…’ll neeed to discuss that with my business manager.

  3. Hob says:

    Nice one Jan. The ADS pages are great, but I hate reading from a screen. Paper still feels more comfortable on the eyes.

  4. rockartuk says:

    Much of the content of Simpson’s 1867 book was already published in the Appendix of PSAS 6, 1864-6.
    This excellent recourse, with probably the best plates ever made, can be viewed online on the ADS pages:
    There is however a lucky guy among us who has the original on his shelf. When is the Tombola, Gavin?

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